How to Create Sexual Attraction With a Woman: 5 Tips for Arousing Her

It should be common knowledge that you need to be able to create sexual attraction with a woman if you want to have a good chance at becoming intimate with her.  Like,  I said,  that SHOULD be common knowledge,  however,  if you observe the way that most guys pursue women – it’s like they are trying to do their best to make sure that she doesn’t feel any sexual attraction at all.  You don’t want to end up like most guys – they either waste away in the friend zone or they end up all alone and then settle with the first woman who comes along – even if she is really not who they want to be with.

You need tips for being able to create sexual attraction with a woman and make her feel aroused when she is around you.  Here they are:

1.  Don’t act like a wussy who is desperately in need of getting her attention.

I have to put this first,  because if you do come across like some kind of a wussy man who is desperately trying to get her attention or trying to do anything and everything to make her like you – she is probably not going to feel any sexual attraction to you at all.  Even if you do a lot of other things right.  Right from the beginning,  she needs to feel that alpha male vibe coming from you and that is not going to happen if you are acting like a complete wussy around her.

2.  You have to understand how body language can create sexual attraction with a woman.

This ties into the first tip,  because the wrong body language can still make you seem like a wuss if you are not careful and even if you are not openly trying too hard to win her over.  Be relaxed,  but use powerful posture,  not submissive and meek body language.  Women judge based on body language all of the time and even if they are not really consciously making that judgement – they are making it on an unconscious level.

3.  Your should be actively trying to make her feel sexual tension when she is around you.

I always say this because it is true.  The absence of sexual tension is why most men end up being friends with women that they would rather date.  I’ve gone over how to create sexual tension before,  and it is something that you absolutely must do if you want to make a woman feel turned on and aroused and like she wants you badly.

4.  You have to know how and where to touch a woman to make her feel aroused.

It’s not always the most obvious spots and to be honest,  you won’t get to touch those areas until you are ready to seal the deal with her.  Touch her on the shoulder in a certain way and you can make her feel aroused.  Touch her on her leg in a certain way and you can make her feel aroused.  Touch her around her waist and hips and you can make her feel sexually attracted to you.

5.  You have to be able to use seductive conversation to make her want to end up in bed with you.

Combine tips 1-4 and add in the ability to use words to seduce a woman and you are golden. You will be light years ahead of most men in your ability to create sexual attraction with a woman and you won’t have the problem of ending up in the friend zone with a woman most of the time.  Being able to talk dirty to a woman without it coming across as being “too dirty” is one of the best close skills that you can have.

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